Travel with peace of mind

From time to time, unforseen circumstances affect our day to day lives and this can mean our travel arrangements are disrupted too.  Any type of event can arise at any time from natural weather occurrences to nasty flu seasons.  Whilst we can take all necessary precautions, some events are out of our control.  This leads to the question, where is it safe to travel?  Because we still need to travel.  For business or pleasure, we all get itchy feet and we can’t sit still for too long.

Whilst not exempt from these threats, places like Tropical North Queensland play a role in being safer travel destinations.  With a low density population our towns are cleaner, our water purer and our footprints lighter.


Be a smart traveller

Common sense prevails for most people in most circumstances.  Choose wisely, stay aware and stay safe.   If additional measures are required to ensure your safe trip, take them.  Invest in travel insurance, practice good hygiene, do your research.  Stay up to date with the news and it’s important to touch base with someone within the community in which you are planning to travel to gauge the real impact of events on their business, town or city.  Not in all cases but far too often media hypes up events and the geographical reach of negative events and this can be devastating for communities.

Tropical North Queensland is open for business.  Come say hi to the friendly locals.  Bring your family, bring your friends.  Elope.  This year, be a smart traveller and take the journey.  Book a flight, jump in the car and holiday here this year.  Be sure to follow travel advice from Smart Traveller to gain the most out of your travel plans.  Tropical North Queensland is calling…

Travel with peace of mind